The fractiv website is live! Our office is all setup and running out of Santa Clara, CA. We are back to our roots of being an independent game company and are currently hard at work on an action rpg/adventure game called "The Gunsmith".

3/21/11 Lane Splitter is the Number 2 Most Downloaded App in the US for Both iPhone and iPad.

The response to our free app promotion for Lane Splitter has been amazing. We could never have anticipated such a fast climb in players. It's just an awesome thought to know that so many people are playing our game.

Here are some more interesting stats:

- Lane Splitter is currently the #1 most downloaded app in 9 countries (including the UK, France, and Italy) and in the top 5 in 51 countries (including the US, Japan, and Australia)

- The average rating on all platforms is 4.7 / 5

- On average every 10 seconds there are 1000 games being played.

We would like say a big "THANK YOU!" for all the support we have received and to all the people who took time to review the game. We are working hard on getting a cool update out ASAP.


3/16/2011 Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

We have set up a Facebook page here, and a Twitter here.


12/25/2010 Small Lane Splitter High Score Change

We have made a small change to how the high score server in Lane Splitter works, so that not so many duplicates will appear on the "All Time" score list. The change is that your high score will get posted to the all time list only if you beat your previous high score. This is an experimental change and easily revertable so if you guys don't like it, please let us know at

"Austin" and "Pete b" have been in an epic battle for first place over the last week. It's fun watching these guys compete! Join the fun and Get Lane Splitter.

Merry XMas and Happy Holidays!


12/21/2010 Mailing List

We have set up a mailing list that we will use to send out the occasional update and announcement. Subscribe here.


Lane Splitter is on the App Store!


Lane Splitter is a fun, simple, old school arcade game. The idea was born from dealing with the daily commute here in San Jose on a motorcycle. You would be surprised how many cars will change lanes in front of you regardless of how loud your exhaust is.

We have put up a leader board where we can all compete for high scores. Next update we will be adding longest wheelie to the board so get practicing now! The game is available now for the iPhone and iPad, with an Android version coming soon.

Visit the site, checkout the gameplay video and leader board.

12/15/2010 The Gunsmith Production Screenshots

Here are some screenshots for our Action RPG / Adventure game tentatively titled "The Gunsmith". The game is currently in development for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and Android). A PC and console version is also being considered, but we won't be committing to anything until we're a little further along.



12/6/2010 Project Offset

Some words on Project Offset.


Our previous company, Offset Software, was purchased by Intel in 2008. Our labor of love was Project Offset and the game engine that went with it. As many of our fans already know, Project Offset was cancelled. The graphics hardware it was being designed for did not ship and our game was a casualty of this.

The IP and Engine are property of Intel so its future is out of our hands. We have tried working with Intel to obtain the rights and there are some good people there who have made some effort to help us, but without success.

We would like to thank all those who supported us and the project. We learned some good lessons along the way and met some incredibly talented people who we are fortunate enough to call our friends.